Nova Intervention Services mission is to ensure ethnically diverse children and families have access to high-quality intervention services and resources in their natural language so they can succeed.

Nova is founded on the firm belief that decisions for the benefit of linguistically diverse children and their families could be better served through a conglomerate of multi-lingual professionals that prepare the child for his / her future education.

who we are 

NOVAIntervention Services



Nova Intervention Services is a for profit Small Business Enterprise founded in 2006, by two dynamic women Nancy Reyes and Rocio Mendias who have worked in the field of Early Intervention with a combination of over 30 years.

Nova Intervention Services is founded by experienced licensed Educators focusing in Early Intervention and Speech and Language.

Our Early Intervention Specialist focus in Language goals assisting children expand their language in the most natural environment.

Our Speech and Language Specialist focus in targeting IEP goals in the area of Speech Delays and or Speech and Language Assessments.